Technology Centre InTechCentras shares its impressions from the study visit of 18 November 2021 to the MADE Competency Center Industry 4.0 in Milan, Italy (established in 2019, covering 2,500 sq. m., € 9.6 million of investment, 46 technology partners).

During the study visit, the participants learned about the Center activities and the demonstrated technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Product 4.0, Maintenance 4.0, robotics, cybersecurity, sustainability and others.

‘Seeing solutions and technologies of Industry 4.0 concentrated in one place is a great experience.

The Italian cultural difference is that they tend to first test new technologies in a simulated environment, build a real industrial prototype if successful, and only after solving all possible technical glitches do they release it into industrial production. The MADE Center is a very good example of what an Industry 4.0 center would be like in Lithuania.

The visit was a great environment for networking. The participants, being professionals in their field, had the unique opportunity to share their impressions, best practices and ideas for the practical application of the technology.’

Rimantas Damanskis, Director of Pack Klaipeda, UAB, Member of the LINPRA Presidium

We share some of the visit moments and invite you to join us in 2022 during other visits to technology centers in Germany, Sweden, France, etc., organised by InTechCentras.