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Public establishment „InTechCentras“ – it is a SMART Manufacturing competence center, which operates with such activities:

Technological-engineering trainings and its’ projects preparation and management 

Provision of engineering and management consultations 

EU funding projects networking

Solutions for production efficiency and productivity increase application

Organizing activities regarding the 4th Industrial Revolution „Industry 4.0“

Our mission

To produce and provide services which would increase the value added and work efficiency by engineering industry companies.


Lithuanian engineering industries association LINPRA

The trust we have

The training provided both initial and more in-depth information on the benefits of Industry 4.0, processes, enterprise restructuring and future market developments.

The training was intensive, the material was highly concentrated and delivered in a clear manner. We were happy with answers to questions raised during the discussions.

We were happy that during the training we learned basic introductory knowledge useful to our company, and had an opportunity to apply it in practical terms. We hope that in the future Intechcentras will organize more innovative, useful trainings and workshops that our company will gladly attend and get even more know-how. Thank you!

The Cyber Security and Process Digitalisation Audit completed by Intechcentras identified potential threats and system weaknesses that should be addressed. The highly detailed audit report included both the weaknesses and suggestions on their resolution, and the benefits this would bring to the company. An assessment of the real situation and a comparison with market standards disclosed that in order to use the potential available, we would need to invest in both cyber security and information system solutions. This will improve our security and competitiveness in the long term.

Precizika Metrology, UAB has joined the international EIT Manufacturing project ManuLearn, implemented by Intechcentras and LINPRA. The project aims to seek innovative solutions for industry through combination of the knowledge and know-how of academia and business organisations.

During an event of the Teaching Factory format, Precizika Metrology presented a technological challenge to the community of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of CTU (Czech Technical University): a solution was required to enable a fast, efficient and accurate inspection of the throughput of scale rasters in a manufacturing environment. After thorough analysis of the company‘s technological problem, several different solutions were developed and proposed by CTU professors, graduate students, scientists and researchers engaged in the project.

The company appreciates the project experience and sees the opportunity to put it into practice once the best proposal has been identified.