The training provided both initial and more in-depth information on the benefits of Industry 4.0, processes, enterprise restructuring and future market developments.

The training was intensive, the material was highly concentrated and delivered in a clear manner. We were happy with answers to questions raised during the discussions.

The workshops and trainings delivered by Intechcentras are notable for being interesting, interactive, for encouraging employees to address problems, having a lasting value for each specialist in their field, for making them understand teamwork benefits. Thank you for the opportunity to see it all!

We have attended many different workshops, and not all of them were useful to our company. However, the workshops and hands-on trainings delivered by Intechcentras have been really significant. The qualified instructors were excellent experts in their field, attentive to the attendees, they provided clear advice on all matters of concern. Thank you for your sincere work on behalf of the management team of VLG, UAB!

The training of your company stood out among those of other companies we experienced previously due to the professionalism and persuasiveness of the instructor, and because all the time spent met both manager and employee expectations. We have learned lots of useful information that we will apply in the areas that of our company specializes in. Thank you for the great training, and we hope to keep cooperating again in the future.

The training subject was highly relevant and interesting. The information provided was highly informative. The handouts were very useful, and we are going to apply them in the metalworking sector.

We were happy that during the training we learned basic introductory knowledge useful to our company, and had an opportunity to apply it in practical terms. We hope that in the future Intechcentras will organize more innovative, useful trainings and workshops that our company will gladly attend and get even more know-how. Thank you!

After attending the workshop, we saw a solution: to adjust the sales skills of our company employees by telling them about the knowledge and strategic proposals heard from instructors. Thus we can confidently say that the workshop attendance has increased our sales numbers and opened the door to new customers.