Measure your industry 4.0 progres

“Analysis of the industry 4.0 readiness in your company”

Our i4.0 readiness check evaluates your individual digital transformation progress as a whole. You can decide whether to focus on your entire company or on individual areas within it. As a result of the i4.0 readiness check, you will get a detailed overview of the current state of your company regarding the digital transformation.

As an independent organisation of experts, we enable you to get an unbiased view of your company and to determine the digital maturity of it with regard to technology, employees, organization and strategy.

In this way, both your strengths can be identified, as well as approach change requirements actively and target-oriented.

Use i4.0 readiness check to be more knowledgable, better prepared, and more confident.





The purpose of the Industry 4.0 Readiness Check is:

  • To assess the readiness of your company for the Industry 4.0 journey
  • To give and evaluate clear options to achieve Industry 4.0 for your products, services and overall structure



The methods of the Industry 4.0 Readiness Check comprise of:

  • Evaluation of your whole company or just an area of operations
  • Structured approach on the basis of qualitatively and quantitatively indicators
  • Holistic view: people, technology, organisation and corporate management



The scope of the Industry 4.0 Readiness Check includes:

  • Fulfillment of technological requirements
  • Fulfillment of process requirements
  • Consultancy guidance adding external experience and benchmarks
  • Individual evaluation of your already realized digitalisation-progress


Industry 4.0 Readiness Check focuses on four areas within your company to get a profound understanding of where you are on the industry 4.0 process: Corporate management, PeopleOrganisation and Technology.


Using a simple yet effective rating system, you are graded with one of the following five levels of industry 4.0 readiness: